Monday, January 24, 2011

A starred review in Publishers Weekly!

I am delighted to share the news that Clarity got a starred review in Publishers Weekly! Here's a little snippet:

Harrington's well-developed characters and tight plot are simultaneously charming, realistically complex, and intriguing. While recalling classic sleuth stories, Harrington creates a fiery and sharp-witted heroine who's more Veronica Mars than Nancy Drew (Nancy almost certainly never used the term "Skanky McSkankbag"). Clare is a teen detective for the 21st century.

Yes, the esteemed Publishers Weekly just said the words "Skanky McSkankbag." EPIC WIN.

Click here for the full review (down the page a bit).

I am so happy. To be honest, even after having sold three books, part of me still feels like this giant fraud. Like my publisher is going to call and tell me this whole thing was a mistake and I suck. Irrational, I know, but I'm sure I'm not the only insecure writer who has these thoughts. Anyway, reading this review has quieted the "you suck you are a fraud" monster who sometimes lives in the back of my brain.

So cheers to that! If it wasn't -40000 degrees outside right now (slight exaggeration), I'd run up and down the street in joy. :)

Monday, January 03, 2011

The CLARITY Book Trailer

Two blog posts in one day! I know, it's like Bizarro World up in here. But I simply couldn't wait to post about...drum roll...the CLARITY book trailer!

I am so excited to show you this. I am also not too cool to admit that, when I first watched it, I actually screamed out loud and flailed my hands in the air. Oh yeah. I did. I am the epitome of composed professionalism.

Here it is!

What do you think?