Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Clare vs Jade

The title makes it sound like this is a main character smack-down. But it's not. It's about leaving someone behind...and learning someone new.

The Dead and Buried was the first book I wrote after Clarity and Perception. (The Sleuth or Dare books, even though they came out first, were actually written after The Dead and Buried). In my first draft, I had a hard time letting Clare’s voice go. Jade would slip into Clare now and then, and I had to get a handle on how to make Jade's voice her very own. So, to fix it, I intentionally made Jade very different from Clare.

And I’m not talking just superficially. Yes, they look different. Have different families (and troubles). Have different interests. But I’m talking more about who they are inside.

When we meet Clare at the start of Clarity, she’s already strong. She’s snarky, tough, and defensive (because she has to be). When we meet Jade, she’s extremely non-confrontational and more, um, kind. (I feel bad, like I’m calling Clare unkind. She’s not. She’s just…Clare.) They’re both funny. Though Clare’s humor is often at the expense of others while Jade’s is more self-deprecating. But the biggest difference to me, is that while Clare is brave from the start, Jade has to become brave.

And what do they have in common? They both have family that they will do anything to protect.

Once I found Jade’s voice, I loved her, and she became real to me. I miss Clare. I always will. But the two of them have become my children in that I love them equally.

And I hope you will too!

I can’t wait for you to meet Jade. She’s waiting…not long now. :)


  1. I loved Jade!!! I loved the fact that she was different, and yes I agree with the "kindness" aspect, but it was perfect. It just made them their own and you did well!! :-D

    1. Pfew! Thank you so much! :)

  2. Took the words right out of my brain! lol

    I really like Jade...she is just so brave at the end! And she *is* kind; that's part of what made her a likable character! And I love Clare, too, of course. :)

    I know The Dead and Buried isn't even out yet...but I can't wait for more of your work!

    1. Thanks, Liliana! I'm so glad you liked her. :)

  3. Well, you described Clare perfectly. When the story starts, she is already brace, tough, and she doesn't accept shit from anyone.
    Well, I hope Jade will be as like-able as Clare.
    GREAT post, Kim!
    your reader,