Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Perception: Behind the Scenes

No Spoilers! In this post, I’ll talk a bit about the creation of Perception, but don’t worry if you haven’t read it yet. There will be no spoilers. Also, please no spoilers in the comments.

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(Imagine that VH1’s Behind the Music theme is playing now.) Presenting…Perception: Behind the Scenes!

On themes:
The theme of Clarity is family loyalty and the two sides of that protective instinct. Similarly, the theme of Perception is consequences. Everything that happens in Perception is a result of the events of Clarity. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to read Clarity first, but you’ll have a deeper understanding of the characters if you do.

On change:
I didn’t want Clarity to be one of those series where Crazy! Things! Happen! and then the next book picks up where that left off but the characters haven’t changed at all. I mean, catching a killer and nearly getting killed in the process has got have an effect on a person. What that effect is…now that’s something you can play with. But there have to be consequences.

On trauma:
I was also interested in the idea that two people can go through a similar traumatic experience and react in completely different ways. In writing the book, I played with this in an obvious way and in a subtler one.

Other insider info:
- Mallory’s last name is a hat tip to one of my all-time favorite hockey players.

- Perry’s struggle in this book is, in part, taken from past personal experience. Though I won’t discuss it other than that one sentence there. :)

- One of the challenges of writing a sequel is reintroducing the characters in an interesting way, using your main character’s voice rather than a boring info dump. My favorite character reintroduction in Perception is the third paragraph on page 16.

- My favorite scenes to write are Clare and Perry scenes.

- The short-cut Clare takes home from school was inspired by the short-cut I used to take back in the day. Yep, through the woods. And I used to listen to my Walkman (definition: early ‘90s iPod) and walk alone. Basically completely unaware of my surroundings. *facepalm*

I ran home twice. Once when a snake crossed my path and I jumped and stepped into a brook. That was a soggy afternoon. The second time was just like the opening pages of chapter 23. Which, in turn, inspired the cover of Perception. Which is all very weird for me to think about.

When I was a fourteen-year-old wannabe writer who ran home with her heart pounding, if you’d told me the experience I’d just had would one day help inspire a scene in a real book that would be published…I would’ve called you crazy. But there you go. Hold on to your memories. Especially the scary ones. They can all be inspiring.


  1. Fun post! We can't wait to read!


  2. Hey Kim:)
    Today I was home from school sick (not a good way to start a comment I know but best I could come up with) anyways.... Today I was sick and TERRIBLY bored so I decided to read the book I had borrowed from my school library last week.

    It was Perception as you can probably tell.

    And I have to say that this book was as good as a nancy drew in my eyes... It had EVERYTHING!!
    Fantasy (very hard to add to realism... I like to write finding realism and fantasy together are RARE!)
    a REALLY good mystery
    I could NOT put this book down.

    So basically AMAZING job!! had no clue that "that person" was the creepy person!!!! (Normally you can tell halfway but WOW! I was super surprised!!!)

    Keep it up:) (sorry to ramble on)
    Dione Danes

    1. Thank you, Dione! Your comment made me so happy! I'm so glad you loved PERCEPTION. :)

    2. Now worries:)

  3. PS Also on the very off chance you ever read this I was wondering if you could do me the AMAZING honour of reading my story
    I know by the site I used you probably think its rubbish but I've been told its good quality (just a few to many spelling and grammar mistakes).
    Please PLEASE read!
    On the off chance you do get this I doubt you will being a prfesional but I would really appreciate it!

  4. Is there going to be another clarity novel plus I loved perception i couldn't believe the ending