Monday, February 13, 2012

Teaser #2 and Kirkus

Kirkus gave a glowing review to Perception! Including:

"This first sequel to Clarity (2011) delivers an even more involving, polished and downright nifty mystery."


"The supernatural element may entice some young readers to the book and then turn them into mystery fans. In any case, the believable characterizations, the suspense and the well-crafted plot twists score. A smart, paranormal mystery ride."

Super yay! You can read the whole review here.

And now, as promised, teaser #2! (For the first teaser, go here.)

He studied me for a moment. "You don't realize it, do you? What makes you different...makes you beautiful."


  1. Awwws! But who said this?! The torture!
    Cant wait for Perception to come out! :D

  2. Hehehe. I'm having fun with pronouns. #evilauthor