Thursday, January 19, 2012

Help me, I sound like a stalker.

When signing CLARITY, I had a cool little line I used. The cover’s tagline is: She can see your secrets. So when I signed CLARITY, I would write:

To (awesome person),

Guard your secrets.

Kim Harrington

All in my amazing lefty penmanship.

Today I realized I’d need a new cool signing line for PERCEPTION. This time the cover’s tagline is: Someone’s watching.

But if I write:

To (awesome person),

I’m watching.

Kim Harrington

…that’s kind of threatening.

Same with “Watch out,” “Always watching,” and various other lines I’ve come up with. They all make me sound like Stalker Author. So I’m opening it up to suggestions!


  1. Hmm....If you wanted to be really parallel to your first one, you could use 'guard your eyes' but that doesn't translate, and 'guard your back' also sounds threatening.

    Maybe just 'Always be Perceptive' or 'Be perceptive'?


  2. Oh Kim... how you make me laugh!

    What about "If someone's watching... Don't ever hide... Just be yourself." Oh that's lame.


    "Guard your body"?

    "Those people watching you just want to be you"?

    Scrap my suggestions they're all ridiculous!

    Love Braiden. ;)

  3. I've got it!!!

    "I Always Feel Like...Somebody's Watching Me" and you can play the song while you introduce the book at signings. It's a total win!!


    Patricia suggests "Constant Vigilance" which is from HP. Moody says it. But copyright laws and whatnot...


    "Behold the truth."

    Something that's like "look" and truth (since it's the sequel) is the opposite of secrets.

    OR something like,

    embrace the truth. or....hmmm...

    I'll think some more.

  4. Watch your back. That sounds pretty threatening too though.

  5. Lol...what a great dilemma to have! For me I'd have to pick something based on how easy it is to write, because my handwriting stinks. Maybe something simple like "Keep Watch"

  6. Something like "You can't hide your secrets"

    I am no good. Some girls find stalkerism romantic and cool.... my best friend for example.

  7. I love some of these.

    What do you think about "Keep your eyes open..."

    Only slightly threatening? :)

  8. What about, "You better watch yourself!" ??

    It sounds more funny than it does threatening but conveys the same message... ;)

  9. What about just 'Guard yourself' Less threaten-y, more "concerned" sounding :)

  10. Maybe a Firefly quote?
    "Also, I can kill you with my brain"

  11. What if you said, "Keep an Eye Out...?" "Eyes Open!" or something along those lines?

  12. I really like, "Keep your eyes open," but that seems like it would be a pain to write over and over again.

  13. Love the suggestions! I like the idea of having them watch out. What about something to do with hiding? If someone's watching, they need to hide, yeah?

    So the tagline is "Someone's watching."

    What about something like, "Hide your secrets." or "Quick! Hide!"

    Okay, these are both lame. I could erase this comment, but I'm not going to.

    "Someone's watching."

    Crap. I can't come up with anything.

  14. Guard yourself is okay. It ties in with guard your secrets.

    Keep An Eye Out? Which is like guarding..and watching..

    or Keep Watch?

  15. What about "Keep your guard up"?
    Not only does it fit in with the tagline, but I feel like it represents her relationships with Justin and Gabriel too because she has trust issues with both guys :) Good luck!!

  16. Is it all in your mind?/Is it just in your mind?

    I think these are another way of saying "Watch out" without coming across as a stalker :-)

  17. These are awesome ideas! You guys are good at this!

  18. I really like Keep Your Guard Up

    I can't think of anything better
    this is hard!

  19. I don't know, I feel like you should just go with "Love, Stalker Author"

    ...But that's just me.


  20. This post cracked me up! I'm sorry I'm not help at all. Do you know if you'll be in Denver this year? I'd love to see what line you use :).
    ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  21. Jen - Only New England and NYC, sorry! :)

  22. Perception is what you think you know? So you could write:
    I know

  23. Perception is what you think you know? So you could write:
    I know