Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sleuth Or Dare Covers

Last month, I was able to share the news about my middle grade mystery series and the cover for the first book, Partners in Crime. Well, now, I can share all three covers! It's a covernanza! A covercopia! Okay, I'll stop and just show them to you.

Click on any of the images to see them in a larger size.

Partners in Crime releases 5/1/12, Sleepover Stakeout on 6/1/12, and Framed & Dangerous on 7/1/12. And the first two are available for pre-order now!

What do you think of the Sleuth or Dare covers?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clarity: The TV Series

I have amazing, happy-making news, and I’m going to attempt to remain professional throughout this blog post. Ahem.

Clarity has been optioned for television!

Kim Harrington's CLARITY, in which a teenage girl uses her visions to track a murderer and defend her brother's innocence, to Warner Brothers TV by Shari Smiley at CAA, on behalf of Scott Miller at Trident Media Group.


I’ve actually been sitting on this news for months, waiting for things to get signed and official. And every time someone mentioned to me, “I think Clarity would make a great TV show,” I smiled and nodded, but inside I was all ZOMG ME TOO I WISH I COULD TELL YOU MY SECRET BUT I CAN’T.**

And now I can! Yay!

So, this doesn’t mean Clarity will definitely become a show. (BUT HOW FREAKING AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?***) It’s just optioned right now. A gazillion other things have to happen for the show to become reality (like a pilot script, casting, shooting the pilot, a network pick-up, etc.). All these things I know nothing about and have nothing to do with. But, seriously guys, our Clare could not be in better hands. Warner Brothers Television is a TV powerhouse. Their production history includes some of my all-time favorites: The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars, Pretty Little Liars, and a gazillion other awesome shows. I am thrilled beyond words.****

Giveaway alert! Closed! Dana is the winner! To celebrate my good news, I’m giving away a signed/personalized hardcover of Clarity to anyone, anywhere. To enter, just leave a comment below letting me know what you think about the possibility of a Clarity TV show. Winner picked at random on 11/22.

*Okay, that wasn’t professional.
**Admittedly, the use of ZOMG isn’t professional either.
***I would be this show’s biggest fangirl.
****I am dancing in my living room.