Friday, October 21, 2011

Introducing...Sleuth or Dare

I'm delighted to share the details about my middle grade mystery series, SLEUTH OR DARE. There will be three books, released back to back in Summer 2012. How's that for exciting? And here are the awesomely awesome titles:

Sleuth or Dare #1: Partners in Crime (Scholastic, May 2012)
Sleuth or Dare #2: Sleepover Stakeout (Scholastic, June 2012)
Sleuth or Dare #3: Framed & Dangerous (Scholastic, July 2012)

And here's the cover for the first book!

(click for a bigger version)

Isn't that fantastic? I love everything about it. The colors, the spooky tree, my girls with their flashlights. (That's Darcy on the left and Norah on the right.) It's just perfect. Erwin Madrid created the cover art. You can check out his website for more of his amazing work.

In book one, for a class project, Norah and Darcy create a website for a fake detective agency. But then that fake agency gets an email about a real case.

Here's the official synopsis:


When best friends Darcy and Norah have to create a fake business for a school assignment, they come up with a great idea: a detective agency! Darcy loves mysteries, and Norah likes helping people, so it's a perfect fit.

But then their pretend agency gets a real case. Someone is missing, and it's up to Darcy and Norah to take on the search. Unfortunately, there's someone else out there who doesn't want the two detectives stirring up any trouble. . . .

With the help of hidden clues, spy gadgets, and trusted friends, can Darcy and Norah crack the case in time?

Book #1 can be pre-ordered now from your local independent bookstore, Amazon, or B&N.

Or you can add it to your Goodreads shelf.

I'll share the covers and descriptions of books two and three when I get the okay.

The books feature suspenseful mysteries, friendship dynamics, and...of course...there's a boy. My main characters, Norah and Darcy, are nerds and proud of it. And they have earned a permanent place in my heart. I think the books are a lot of fun and I hope you will, too!