Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fun With My Perception ARC

So I realized the other day that I haven't posted a picture of my Perception ARCs yet. Then I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of my Perception ARCs yet.

Last year, after I got my Clarity ARC (advanced review copy, advanced reader copy, galley, whatever you want to call it), I wanted to bring her everywhere with me. Carry her like a baby. Spin around with her on a mountaintop. You may remember how I blogged about my insanity.

But, until recently, I hadn't taken my Perception ARC anywhere. No outings at all. No pictures.


It was like second child syndrome. One day Perception flapped her pages at me, "Why are there so many pictures of Clarity ARC and no pictures of me?"

So I remedied that.

Perception at The Fours in Boston

Perception at a Bruins game

Perception with her candy haul from trick or treating

Perception playing in the New England fall leaves

She's happy now. But still, she can only live with me for so long. My pub wants these babies tightly held until after the New Year, but I will do a big giveaway in January. So, then, she'll get signed and shipped off to live with one of you!

*wipes away a tear* They grow up so fast.

(Blog posts like this are the reason why I have an "i am insane" tag.)


  1. Your Perception ARC sure has traveled to some fun places! :) (And I find these posts endearing and cute, rather than under the "insane" category. ^.~)

  2. At a Bruins game? Really? Were you signing copies there too? ;p Very nice! (um, WANT, btw!!!)

  3. Love the cover. Hope I win so we could do another interview and giveaway.

  4. Midnight - Why thank you. My family insists on insane rather than endearing, though. ;)

    Laura - I brought Clarity ARC to a Bruins game last year. It's only fair.

    Natalie - Thank you! I love the cover, too.

  5. 0O0O0 Can I join you in awe? Perception looks fantastic. I adore the new look for the series =)

    Super excited for the on-sale date!

  6. Thanks, Mocha! I'm excited, too! :)

  7. I can't wait for Perception! I love that cover. The ARC with candies surrounding it appealed to me most! lol. Cute pics :)

  8. Bruins!! I love them! My dad has a miniature Stanley Cup from last year when we won :D

    Oh I love the cover by the way. It's so pretty O.O

  9. Thanks, Felicia!

    Yay, Courtney! Another Bruins fan! I've been a fan my whole life. My mom got to touch the cup this past summer. I was so jealous. :)