Monday, August 22, 2011

In Which I Earn a Vacation

I didn’t write at all last week…

Because I was here!

Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina on vacation with the family.

I had a wonderful time. My favorite parts:

1) Boogieboarding. The water was warm! WARM! (We’re not used to that up here in New England.)
2) Teaming up with Lil’ Guy to surprise double cannonball my husband in the pool. Multiple times.
3) Getting an email from Awesome Editor with the cover art for my middle grade novel. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I can’t wait to share it with you. I absolutely adore everything about this cover.
4) Themed mini-golf. We played at a few courses in North Myrtle Beach. One is inside a “volcano.” Another is after a plane wreck on a tropical island where only you and golf clubs have survived (kind of like that one episode of Lost). My favorite, though, was Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf. You take a ride on a little train to get to the top of the course. Fun!
5) Krispy Kreme. It’s really a good thing we don’t have these in MA. I would overdose on glaze.

My least favorite parts:

1) The Boogieboarding wipeout that exfoliated the entire right side of my body along the sand and caused a “swimsuit malfunction.” Sorry about the boob flash, beachgoers!
2) Travel days. I really wish I could teleport.
3) I woke up one morning and it looked like my lip had been injected with collagen, punched repeatedly, and then lathered with something I’m allergic to. None of these things happened. It was actually a sunburn. On my lower lip only. I knew I’d miss a spot with the SPF, but never imagined it would be there.

We all had a great time. It was also a bit celebratory for me because I worked my butt off this summer. In June, I did the first round of edits on YA Standalone Ghost Book and line and copy edits for MG #1. In July and August, I completed the first pass pages of MG #1 and wrote MG #2. So I needed some beach time. ;)

I can’t wait to share the cool titles & more info about these books. Stay tuned!


  1. My GOODNESS you worked hard over the summer! Glad you got this much deserved break -- although sounds like you need some recovery time after all that action. :)

  2. What a productive summer! Glad to hear you like the cover art of your MG, and looking forward to seeing it. And ... we USED to have Krispy Kremes in MA. There was one in Norwood I would take a pilgrimage to every now and then. But now it's closed. *sobs*

  3. Sonia - Totally. I have some serious after-vacation-tired going on right now.

    Sarah - Yeah, I remember there was one in Dedham but I never got a chance to go and then it was gone. Wah!!!

  4. Sounds like a great vacation. Wish I could teleport too.

    Can't wait to hear more about your middle grade book.

  5. You deserved a vacation!

    I know about missing spots with sunblock. I once had a mysterious rash when I normally don't burn.

    Looking forward to your future books.

  6. I just found you online while googling family member names. My dad's name is Kim Harrington. I also have a daughter who loves to read so I am going to get her the Sleuth or Dare books. Those are right up her alley.