Sunday, May 01, 2011

NECRWA Recap (kind of)

I spent the last four days in Salem, MA for the NECRWA conference. I met up with fellow YA authors Sonia Gensler and Maurissa Guibord. We didn't have much fun because we're Serious Writers who take ourselves Very Seriously.

Or not.

Yeah. So that happened.

We had a blast! On Friday we had lovely weather so we walked around Salem and took in some of the historic sites, including the Witch Trials Memorial and the Old Burying Point Cemetery. This may sound morbid, but I found them very inspirational.

This headstone from 1688 is for a young man who "had seen but Nineteen Winters in the World." Kind of a sad and haunting way to put it. It was also apparently in fashion to have those creepy angel skeletons on your headstones in the 17th century because most stones had them.

We stayed in a "haunted" hotel but none of us had any uninvited visitors. It's actually a historic home built in 1834 that was restored and turned into a hotel. Very cool.
My non-haunted room.

Sonia and Maurissa were lovely company and we shared some great talks over meals. And, yeah, it was a conference, so we attended many panels. (I didn't take pictures of those so that's why this is only a "kind of" recap.) And when I got the crazy idea that we should go into a vintage photo shop and dress up in witch costumes, they were great sports about it. We were laughing so hard, you probably heard us...wherever you are.

But I'm back now. All good things...

...must come to an end.

For more pictures of us being ridiculous, check out my Facebook page.


  1. We didn't have much fun because we're Serious Writers who take ourselves Very Seriously.

    Hey, witchery is very serious business. All that grimacing and cackling and steering of brooms. No time for funny business, that's for sure!

    Had a great time!

  2. Looks like it was so much fun. Love the pictures.

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  4. I wish I could have made it! I wanted to go so bad but we didn't have the time or money to drive up there for the day. Glad to hear you had fun though, awesome pictures xD

  5. Thanks Natalie and Mandi! It was a blast.

    Sonia - cackle, cackle, cackle. ;)

  6. Oh WOW. It looks like you had so much coolness going on. It would be so neat to tour around such a rich setting, too. Glad you had a blast!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  7. You ladies are so cool. It looks like you had a ton of fun.

    I've always wanted to visit Salem.

  8. Haha, damn, I need to get out and do something fun like this :P Kind of envious.