Wednesday, December 01, 2010


So it's December 1st and Clarity comes out in THREE MONTHS! What? You can't wait until March 1st? You want a signed ARC (advanced review copy) of Clarity now? Read on, my friend!

So, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been dragging my Clarity ARC around to various places. Her favorite outings so far have been:

the beach,
 and a Bruins game.

But she’s gotten sick of me. She wants to go live with someone else now. So…it’s time for a giveaway!

The winner will receive my Clarity ARC and some Clarity bookmarks (all signed).
A Clarity sticker.
So-cheesy-they’re-cool Cape Cod gifts! (Clarity takes place in a tourist town on Cape Cod, so I just had to include some fun gift shop trinkets!)
A secret Clarity playlist! A list of songs I found inspiring during the writing process, what scene(s) in the book the songs apply to, and my thoughts on the song and how it fits in. Though I might find some way to share this with readers sometime after the book is out, I will never be putting this info on my blog because it's spoilerific! (Hence the warning on the envelope.) PLUS, a $10 iTunes Gift Card in case the playlist inspires you to buy some new songs.

So, you get one signed ARC, a few signed bookmarks, a sticker, three Cape Cod themed touristy gifts, my secret playlist with notes, and an iTunes gift card!

There will be one winner. I’m going to make this international, so enter from anywhere! All you have to do to enter is post a comment below. (For fun, you could include a place you’d like to take the Clarity ARC. But it’s not necessary, just for fun.)

You can get additional entries for:
+1 tweeting this: RT @Kim_Harrington Signed CLARITY ARC & Swag Giveaway: Please RT!
+1 posting a link to this post on Facebook
+1 linking to this post on your blog
+1 being or becoming a follower of my blog
+2 "Like" my brand-spanking new official Facebook page*
+5 Putting my Clarity widget (see it on the left) on your blog

(Please let me know everything you did in your comment.)
*If you go to my Facebook page and it says "page not found" please try again in a couple minutes. Facebook is having issues with my new page, off and on.

The last day to post a comment is Wednesday, 12/15/10. I’ll go through all the entries, use, and announce the winner on Thursday, 12/16/10.

Thanks and good luck!