Friday, October 08, 2010

Do you know this book?

My mother and I were strolling through the children’s section of a bookstore last weekend and the conversation turned to my favorite picture book as a child. I loved this book so much. I must have asked my parents to read it a thousand times and read it myself a million times more. Mom and I started laughing in the aisle of the store because, even though we hadn’t seen the book in over twenty-five years, we still clearly remembered everything that happened in it. I have an exact image of one of the illustrations in my head. I can’t tell you what I had for dinner a couple nights ago, but I could explain in detail this illustration from my favorite book when I was five. That’s the power of books!

Anyhow, the problem is, neither of us can remember the title. I’d love to try to search out a copy. To be honest, I’d probably cry if I saw this book again because it holds such sentimental value. But I have no author name, no title.

So, I’m reaching out to the blogosphere to see if anyone else knows what this book could be.

It was a picture book, out in the '70s. It was about a little girl who walked to school each day. She passed by a house with a tall wooden fence. On the fence was a sign that said: Beware of Dog. (There was an illustration of this). She always pictured this giant, scary dog living there. I think the dog may have barked, too. A loud, big dog bark. But then one day, as she walked by, somehow the dog was out. The little girl closed her eyes in fear, but then felt something on her hand. The dog licked her hand. (There was an illustration of this, too). She opened her eyes and it was a very small dog. I think the owner may have come over and given an explanation for the sign, but that part’s fuzzy. And that’s all I remember.

Anyone have any idea what book this could be?


  1. I wish I could help. I Googled key words and it brought me to this blog psot. :/

    I wish I kept my childhood books. I still remember certain themes, stories, and pictures vividly.

  2. Thanks for trying, Medeia! :)

  3. Now I'm wondering what book it is, Kim! It does sound familiar to me, too.

    I spent years trying to locate one of my favorite MG novels from childhood and had the title off by a syllable, but finally found it 2 years ago and immediately bought it - one of the only copies anywhere - from Alibris books. I was SO HAPPY!!!

    Fingers crossed for good luck for you!

  4. Your success story gives me hope I'll find the book, Kimberley! :)