Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week of cool (and not so cool) stuff

NY trip – done
First pass pages – done
The damage to house from Rainageddon – apparently did not fix itself while I was gone

So, I’ve been gone since Monday on a trip to NYC for the day job. My main takeaway from that was that day job trips to NYC are way less fun than dream job trips to NYC.

The good news is that my first pass pages arrived right before I had to leave! (First pass pages are the book in typeset form, with pretty chapter headings and real page numbers and everything looking very REAL.) And since Acela Wi-Fi is apparently powered by a drunken hamster in a wheel, I had no temptations to check email and focused on my last chance to change anything in Clarity. *gulp* I thought I’d be terrified to let it go, like the day I put Lil’ Guy on the bus for kindergarten and Awesome Husband suggested I needed a horse tranquilizer. But, surprisingly, I was cool with it. It’s done. It is in wonderful hands over at Scholastic. They will treat my baby well.

Meanwhile, I also found out that ignoring water damage and/or praying that magical house fairies come and fix it while you’re in NYC does not work. So, I’ll be getting estimates tomorrow on repairing the wrath of the Rainpocalypse.

I’ve heard this week’s LOST was especially good, but…sit down now…I didn’t watch it. I know, I know! I claim to be one of LOST’s biggest fans. How could I not watch it? Here’s why.

The hotel had no HD.

I’m not a diva about most shows. I’ll watch Gossip Girl on a snowy 19 inch. Fine. But I won’t watch LOST on anything less than a 42” HDTV. For all you fancypants wine drinkers out there, it’s probably the equivalent of giving your finest bottle to a college student to drink through a funnel and then puke up. It’s just not happening.

And since I have the Best Husband Ever, he agreed to not watch LOST Tuesday night either and we’re watching it together tonight. (Though I had a nightmare last night that Lil’ Guy accidentally deleted it from the DVR instead of one of his SpongeBobs. Don’t worry, I checked this morning. It’s still there.)

So, no LOST spoilers in the comments! Pats on the back for being finished (like really finally finished) with Clarity are okay. As is commiseration on the perils of homeownership.


  1. Aww I have a good hubby like that too--we watched it together last night! I won't say a word about it. :)

  2. So we watched it last night, Christina. It was SO GOOD! Lots of mythology answers. Loved it.