Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Hardest Paragraph to Write

Last week I had to pull together my official bio for the Clarity book jacket and spent most of the time wondering why writing a one paragraph bio about myself is harder than writing a 300 page book about fake people.

Maybe because I’m not quite comfortable talking about myself.

Or maybe because I’m just not all that exciting. Especially compared to the fake people I create.

So, I strolled over to my bulging bookcase and pulled a bunch of books down and read the author bios. Many seem to fall into certain types, so I figured I’d try each one.

The “Interesting Places I’ve lived” type:

You know… I was born in New York, went to college in London, married in Paris, and now live in Los Angeles.

Okay, I can do that… let’s see…

Kim Harrington was born in a town in Massachusetts, raised in another town in Massachusetts, went to college and graduate school in a city in Massachusetts, and now lives in yet another town in Massachusetts.

Okay. Can’t do that. Next?

The “Interesting Jobs I’ve had” type:

You know… I’ve been a waitress, actress, tarot card reader, minister, pet psychic, horse trainer and now I write full-time.

Okay, I can do that… let’s see…

Kim Harrington worked in marketing… and she still does that same thing now, except she writes, too.

Okay. Can’t do that. Next?

The “Quirky Family” type:

You know… I was the last of ten children and now I live with my husband, our four kids, a bipolar dog, two lovelorn cats, and a cannibalistic parrot.

Okay, I can do that… let’s see…

Kim Harrington is an only child, married an only child, and has one child. No pets.

Okay. Can’t do that either.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am boring. ;)

But I was able to scrape up enough for a bio. Now I’m going to go write a chapter of ten pages or so, which will be much easier to craft than that one paragraph was.


  1. I'm struggling with my bio too. I'm soooo boring. I've decided I need to do what I do best: lie through my teeth!

    Ahem. You didn't hear me say that.

    And I love the psychic powers line in your bio.

  2. Aren't you a ninja in real life, Carrie? You are SO not boring!

  3. You so aren't boring! I also love the bio that you came up with. kudos!